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Understanding Biotech Venture Capital Funds

Biotech venture capital funds are looking for lucrative new business ventures and deals to invest in. After a slump in the last year, the Venture capitalists are back with a bang and they are investing in the biotechnical field like never before.

Why Biotech?


Did you know that:

Understanding Biotech Venture Capital Funds

• Biotech was in fact, second in venture capital funding levels? Six hundred and thirty nine million dollars were invested in only sixty six companies. That works out to roughly 9 million per company!

• Biotech is the hot new field for investment because people are desperate for cures for cancer, because there is a very real fear that the new age weapons of war will be infectious diseases and because of an aging baby boomer population.

• The total value of life science companies has steadily been on the rise in the last few years and it is thus the hottest field for investment at the moment.

• There is a renewed interest in the field of developing vaccines to prevent killer diseases.

Thus biotechnology is definitely a field you would want to invest in, if you are a part of biotech venture capital funds simple because it is a field which shows a great deal of promise and potential.

If you are an entrepreneur, seeking funding, the basic thing to remember is corporate venture capital firms look to invest in companies wherein it can find commonalities between itself - the greater the number of common factors, the greater the chances of securing an investment. A very basic example is as follows.

Very large corporations, dealing with say, pharmaceuticals will invest in a small company that it believes, will be able to produce a key compound that the large company plans to use in its own products. This is a very solid reason for investing. They won't invest in a company which produces products which are of no value to them.

Another main reason for investment in a company is if the company is capable of realizing a high profit margin. This is after all, the main reason why a biotech venture capital fund will invest in your company. If you are able to guarantee good returns, they will guarantee you all the funding that you need to carry out clinical trials and experiments. If you have a promising product and are able to convince the investors of its potential, then you have a winner in your hands.

There are several reasons why a corporate healthcare company has invests in a smaller company, but the main reasons are strategic or financial. Large corporations like to diversify and produce new products. They hope that the products produced by the companies that they take under their wing will complement the product line of the parent company.

Another reason why investments are frequent in this sector is that companies hope that fledgling companies can offer services (like research) that will help them make more profitable business decisions in the future. So if you have a good product, then biotech venture capital funds will always be there to help you with it.

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