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Biotechnology FAQs

It is a science that deals with methods and techniques that manipulate living organisms to contribute to the betterment of human life and its environment. In a modern perspective, it includes the creation, development and modification of the genetic information of plants, animals and even human beings.

What is the scope of the science?


Biotechnology has a wide range in its application. It has a relevant role in the advancement of every science, particularly in agriculture, food science, medicine and the environment.

Biotechnology FAQs

Who are qualified to practice?

Any individual who has a background in chemistry, biology, bioengineering or any science can work as a biotechnologist and carryout research and development in products such as new vaccines, cures for diseases and enhancement of wheat grains.

Why is it important?

Biotechnology helps improve man?s quality of life. With its discoveries and development, preventive measures, as well as solutions to problems have benefited human in countless ways.

What are its benefits?

There are many benefits to biotechnology. In medicine, the production of antibiotics in order to fight infections; developing of products that improve the immune system; and, discovering and treating of illnesses and disorders are huge developments.

It is also useful for the environment. It has created products that help protect and preserve endangered species. It also aids in the cleaning oil spills in oceans, as well as leaching of metal from the soil for cleaner mining. Currently, research is being conducted that concentrates on improving processes in discovering landmines and other metal contamination.

In food and agriculture, certain plants are enhanced so that they can exist in a cold environment. Genes of common salad vegetables are being altered, so they will not discolor when exposed in an open air. Stronger flowers are being developed to last longer after they have been picked.

Can it become dangerous?

It can be risky if it causes danger to the living organisms that are being used in the process of testing, as well as harm the beneficiary or the products upon using. It could also disturb the order of the ecosystem.

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