Saturday, April 9, 2011

Biomedical Science Jobs

Biomedical science jobs can direct to a wealthy career and profession nowadays in UK. Biomedical sciences are the one of the most and professional jobs oriented sectors in United Kingdom.

What is Biomedical Science and what do Biomedical Scientists do?


Biomedical science is the application of biological science in clinical analysis. Biomedical scientists often work in hospital laboratories where they analyse blood samples, tissues samples, and bodily fluids to diagnose diseases, improve health and monitor the treatment of patients with conditions such as cancer.

Biomedical Science Jobs

Biomedical scientists are an integral part of the health care function and work along side doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the care of patients.

How do I enter the Biomedical science profession?

If you enjoy science and its practical application in healthcare and research, then a qualification in biomedical science may be for you. Students need to study biomedical science at degree level in order to enter the profession. University entrance usually requires 'A' levels or equivalent in Biology and chemistry and GCSE level or equivalent in mathematics. Subjects covered at degree level are based on the application of biological science to clinical diagnosis. There are many areas covered that include microbiology, pharmacology, clinical and medicinal chemistry, physiology, pathology, cytology and many more.

What are the job opportunities in Biomedical Science?

Although many biomedical science graduates work in hospitals, many are also employed in the public health, forensics, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and medical research sectors. Many students also use it as a stepping stone for further medical training.

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