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Biotechnology Allows For Advancements In Graduate Science Degrees

There's a graduate degree designed to provide students with the advanced training that might help them in relatively new, or newly expanded, careers. It's known as a professional science Master's degree - and students in some instances can participate in studies part-time, even online.

Professional science graduate degrees combine studies in science with those in management, policy and law, according to the Professional Science Master's Degree Association. The Master's degrees are designed to train students for "fields of the future," according to what a Washington state university representative told a Daily Evergreen reporter in February. Some of these fields include:


Atmospheric Scientists. These professionals study the atmosphere, explore climate trends and forecast the weather. Many atmospheric scientists work for the federal government, and students might want to ensure first that the college or university they select offers courses that the National Weather Service requires. While a Bachelor's degree in meteorology or a similar field is often required to embark upon a career as an atmospheric scientist, some positions require a Master's degree, and even the most basic research spots call for a PhD.

Biotechnology Allows For Advancements In Graduate Science Degrees

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that employment for atmospheric scientists is to increase faster than average. These jobs are to be very competitive, the agency notes, making it more likely that candidates with graduate degrees will actually obtain them. Median annual wages for atmospheric scientists in May 2008 were ,290.

Agricultural and food scientists. These professionals study farm crops and animals that supply us with food and come up with ways to make them more abundant, of a better quality, and in some instances to convert them to use as fuel. Many graduates with Bachelor's degrees might expect to find work in developing products in this field, but those who prefer research might consider continuing on to a graduate degree, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Median annual wages of food scientists and technologists in May 2008 were ,520.

Biological scientists. These professionals are the zoologists who study animals and the microbiologists who study tiny organisms. The work that they carry out is designed to help in solving problems related to human health and enhancing the natural environment. Graduates with Bachelor's degrees might expect to find some work in the field, though a PhD is typically required in instances where graduates hope to carry out independent research. Median annual wages of biochemists and biophysicists in May 2008 were ,840.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates faster than average employment growth for biological scientists because of the growth of biotechnological research and development. The agency also attributes biotechnology to the employment growth for agricultural and food scientists. With biotechnology, scientists have the ability to make plants hardier and resistant to pests, perhaps limiting agriculture's adverse impacts on the environment.

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Students in many instances might want to study beyond the Master's degree for some of these careers. With so many advancements in different fields these days, they might find that the offerings available to them at the graduate degree level are more varied and abundant than they were in the past such as being able to earn a Master online. Thanks to the advancements in technology, people can attend colleges online.

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