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Role of Dynamic Biotechnology Organizations For the Development Agricultural Statistics Research

The use of biotechnology techniques in agriculture is known as agricultural biotechnology. Biotechnology organizations have contributed to agriculture by developing various tools to improve the crop production, development of specific microbes to help in strengthening the crops and several alterations and modifications made to the agricultural products for better yield. The biotechnology organizations helping the development of agriculture make use of genetic engineering to transform and manipulate the species of plants especially the crop plants.

A major part of agriculture research involves transforming the genetic structure of the crops. This transformation of crops is of two types- transformation and antibacterial transformation. Transformation involves the mechanical means for gene transformation whereas antibacterial transformation involves natural methods of gene transformation with the help of bacterium. Agriculture biotechnology research deals with way to insert the favored gene into the crops through conventional breeding methods and genetic engineering. This gives the new crop the desired properties.


Biotechnology organizations have led to a cheaper and more convenient method of production of agriculture. The genetically designed crops to stand herbicides have made possible weed control more efficient. The pest control techniques proposed by the biotechnology organizations are highly effective and tested. The engineered crops do not require any synthetic pesticide as they are well designed to resist any crop diseases, pest and insect attacks. Several crops are designed for remediation by which they detoxify the pollutants immersed in the soil for a safer harvest of the crop.

Role of Dynamic Biotechnology Organizations For the Development Agricultural Statistics Research

As the demand for food is continuously increasing in the country, many biotechnology institutions have been set up to expand and experiment with innovative and new techniques in agricultural biotechnology. Some of the institutes providing graduation as well as post graduation in biotechnology in the country include School of Biotechnology at university in New Delhi, School of Life Sciences at Hyderabad, University School of Biotechnology at University in New Delhi, for Biotechnology and Institute of Chemical Technology. There are many other colleges offering higher education in biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology, Varanasi and Srinagar.

Some of main subjects in Biotechnology include microbiology, chemistry, genetics, virology, biochemistry and immunology. Engineering courses form a major part of graduation and post graduation in biotechnology. Agriculture is amongst the most sort after specialization in biotechnology.

Biotechnology organizations have improved the nutritional quality of the crops. Currently there are agriculture researches going on to come up with crops that are safe against harsh climatic conditions and that require less labor and other factors such as water, land and fertilizers for their growth.

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