Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Low Cost Things to Do With Kids - Exercise Together

Want to do something fun with your kid(s) and feel like you are doing something good for yourself as well? How about exercising together? If you are a member of a health club and your son or daughter is teenage or older, think about taking your child with you the next time you go for a work out. But going to a gym is not necessary. Maybe you have some weights or exercise machines at home. If this is the case, so much the better, because you have a ready made location and some equipment in place.

If you don't have a work-out area at home, you can do this in your back yard, on your porch, or even in your family room. If your child is older (from about 11-12 years old and up), the exercises can be more strenuous and include some weight lifting and a cardiovascular workout. For younger kids, even simple things like jumping jacks, skipping rope, push-ups, and running in place will serve perfectly well. The length of the work out will also depend on the age of your kids-maybe only 10 minutes for a 5-10 year old boy or girl, up to an hour for a teenager.


This type of time together is also valuable opportunity to talk about whatever is on your child's mind. Exercising is a great activity to do together with your kids, and helps them burn off some energy and sleep better at night. Exercising is also another activity that costs you nothing out-of-pocket. And let's face the facts: working out won't do you the parent any harm either.

Low Cost Things to Do With Kids - Exercise Together
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