Thursday, March 31, 2011

More About Biotechnology

Technology has revolutionized the lives of nearly all human being on the earth. The 20th century so for has been dominated by technologies based on physics and chemistry. Now, it is biology's turn. Biotechnology is the application of the exposing of biological knowledge over last twenty years, gives human kind the ability to after the structure of life itself. Biotechnology can be defined as the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by a biological agent to provide goods and services. The scientific and engineering principles included, cover a wide range of disciplines but rely heavily on biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, biochemical and chemical engineering.

Biotechnology is doing pioneering work for human welfare. A novel targeted gone delivery system for liver cells, patented by the US, has been developed. The cloning and identification of various genes for seed storage; amino acid bio-synthesis and plant deference have been achieved. The risk and benefits of biotechnology are similar to those offered by any new technology and, if misused, the risks can lead to disastrous consequences. DNA recombinant, DNA technology, genetic cloning etc. if misused so there should be responsible governing control biotechnological research. A new advantage of biotechnology application like as plant-made pharmaceuticals has also now been developed. Much of the biological wealth on which biotechnological research depends is found in the third world. Biotechnology industry needs the gene from plants and animals, yeast and bacteria, which can still be found in forests and the wilderness of developing countries that real benefits of biotechnological research will be realized.


More About Biotechnology
More About BiotechnologyMinecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 5: Breakfast Distraction Video Clips. Duration : 15.20 Mins.

Simon distracts Lysander while Lewis attempts to complete Fumblemore's quest. Huge thanks to Yognaut Michael for the intro splash, Variede for the bonus cutscenes and Lalna for all his hard work, help, and superb art. Facebook: Our Podcast: Texture pack is DSB's Gerudoku remix, around page 17 of this thread:

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