Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Biotechnology and Religion

Biotechnology and religion often do not mix. Consider some of the major biotechnological advances that have happened within the past decade. With each news report outlining the benefits of the new technology, it also touches on the opposition, often by religious groups.

Biotechnology and religion is a matter of ethics. Where do you draw the line between science and religion? Do religious groups have a right to try and intervene? Controversial sciences such as cloning and stem cell research will inevitably raise the question of ethics. Is it right for humans to try to spark life? Some say it is playing God. Others see it as important. It is hard to say whether or not biotechnology and religion really can mix.


Do you want to understand the subject of biotechnology and religion better? The best thing to do is research. Go to your library and look up the different resources on biotechnology and also on science and how it and religion have functioned over the years. It seems that each generation has a controversial science that causes the religious to question it. The generation after that looks at the new science as normal and doesn?t think of it. Will this happen to the current field of biotechnology? Will cloning become so common that most people won't think it is strange or remarkable?

Biotechnology and Religion

It seems that biotechnology and religion don't necessarily need to compete with each other. Perhaps the issue of one versus the other has to do more with a lack of knowledge than ethics. I think that both sides will coexist better if they understood each other a little more and were more tolerant of their own differences. So when a new scientific advancement in the field of biotechnology comes out, instead of panicking and becoming outraged, perhaps opponents can practice a little understanding.

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