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Biotechnological Plants and Their Remarkable Contributions

Amalgamation of numerous branches of science such as biology, medical science, agriculture and food science has blessed the world with a new and incredible technology known as 'Biotechnology'. This new technology involves the concepts of several streams of science and is highly potential. This article is all about the incredible contributions of biotechnological plants to the medical world.

Genetic Engineering forms the basis of this technology that is the cell and tissue culture of plants and animals. It takes the knowledge from several branches of science such as cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. The ideas and concepts taken from all these streams are used chiefly for the extension and modification of living organisms. This technology has provided answers to innumerable unanswered questions. It also includes the nurturing of plants and animals. By implementing several methods such as artificial selection, breeding and hybridization, several types of plants are cultivated in the Biotechnological plants.


Biotechnological plants are actively involved in the production of useful medicines and several other health-care products. These plants provide cost-effective medicines. All the production procedures involved in the manufacturing of medicines are simple and secure. It uses the concepts of Genomics and Genetic engineering that has created wonders in the world of medicines

Biotechnological Plants and Their Remarkable Contributions

With the aid of Biotechnology, the pharmaceutical engineers have found out the solutions that can efficiently fight against various life taking diseases such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, haemophilia, arthritis, cancer and various cardiovascular disorders. Biotechnological industries have contributed significantly towards the medical world by developing efficient medicines that can cure many deadly and life-threatening diseases. This technology has not only contributed to the field of medical science but also shown its magic in other sectors also such as veterinary science, agriculture, nutrition, food and food additive industries, cosmetics etc. Thus the biotechnological plants have given new heights of success to pharmaceutical engineering.

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