Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Compare Notes On Biotech And Pharmacy Logo Design

Biotechnology and pharmacy goes hand in hand and so does the logo as obviously the nature of the business is almost the same.

Let me take you to comparative analysis department...


There is a thin line between both the terms....all the medicines that we are prescribed comes under the heading of pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, biotechnology is colligated with the machines implanted in pharmaceutical industries.

Let's Compare Notes On Biotech And Pharmacy Logo Design

So when it comes to a logo, there is a thin line of difference between the both; a biotech logo is sober with a bold use of colors to illustrate the importance of advancement in technology as oppose to medical logos, they are more into providing a comforting touch to enhance the trust patients have in medicine for them.

There are many things common in them as well, for instance the frequent use of blue color; it is used to instill the idea of loyalty, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence into the minds of the viewers. Blue is a hot favorite for most of the companies apart from medical businesses since it correspond to the true image of the business.

Arial and Times new roman is mostly preferred for both the business's corporate identities, professional graphic designers avoid using stylized and free- fonts because they want to restrain themselves from leaving an unserious and careless image to their viewers.

Thereby, they both can be a bit confusing at times because of the same line of business they are into but the thing which matter is they are unique enough to hold the attention of their viewers for long and that seems to be daunting.

If you are into one of the anteceding business then you must seek a professional help to brand your business in style.

Now, a serious advice...

If you are going for a professional help then make sure that he is competent enough to deliver pharmacy logo design according to your taste, not only that, the results should have the ability to distinguish itself from the rest.

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