Monday, January 31, 2011

Biotechnological Plants and Their Extraordinary Contributions

Consolidation of various departments of science such as medical science, agriculture, biology and food science is a boom to the world with fresh and excellent technology called 'Biotechnology'. This technology uses new concepts of various courses of science and it is very promising. This article explains about the remarkable contributions made by the biotechnological plants to the medical field.

Genetic Engineering is the keystone for this technology which is cell and tissue culture of animals and plants. It attains the information from several departments of science such as microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology. The theory and the ideas are taken from these branches are used mainly for the modification and the extension of living organisms. This technology has given answers to numerous unanswered questions. The nurturing of animals and plants are also included in this. By executing various methods like breeding and hybridization, artificial selection, various types of plants are developed in the Biotechnological plants.


Biotechnological plants are intently involved in manufacturing useful medicines and many other health-care related products. The cost-effective medicines are provided by these plants. All the manufacturing procedure included in producing simple and secures medicines. It applies the theory of Genetic and Genomics engineering and astonished the medical world.

Biotechnological Plants and Their Extraordinary Contributions

With the support of Biotechnology, the pharmaceutical graduates discovered the results that can completely fight against many fatal diseases like hepatitis B, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, arthritis, hemophilia, cancer and many other cardiovascular disorders. Biotechnological plants have improved significantly in the world of medicines by producing effective medicines that cures various deadly and fatal diseases. This technology has contributed not only the medical field but also created wonders in various sectors such as agriculture, nutrition, veterinary science, cosmetics, food and food additive industries etc. Thus, the pharmaceutical engineering is having huge success and created new heights because of this biotechnological plants.

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