Thursday, January 20, 2011

Biopharmaceutical Plants and The Clinical Success Achieved

Biopharmaceuticals are one of the departments in Pharmaceutical Engineering. The Biopharmaceutical Plants manufacture the most efficient drugs using the concepts of biotechnology. They produce efficient drugs by using the living organisms as a source of substance.

The usage of these medicines is increasing day by day and this Biopharmaceutical Industry has a huge success in developing efficient medicines by using a basic element of animal cells and plant cells. Since tow decade usage of biotechnology is expanding very fast in Biopharmaceutical Plants for producing the efficient medicines. It achieved large benefit on human growth hormone, accelerating R&D and marketing for wide range of condition, insulin and red blood cell-stimulating agents, delays arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other unknown diseases.


At present around 80 biopharmaceutical products are available in markets and more than 500 are under process. Among these medicines which are under development recombinant antibodies (CCR) and their by-products are more capable to find clinical uses. The biotechnology have supported the development of cultivated and human antibodies with improved therapeutic prospective. Therapeutic monoclonal antibody has huge potential and signifies approximately 40 % of total production of biopharmaceuticals. Clear clinical uses have been recognised in cancer and many other clinical uses such as transplantation, cardiovascular disease and autoimmunity.

Biopharmaceutical Plants and The Clinical Success Achieved

Biotechnology has a major potential in producing effective drugs. There is a steady progress in the pathogenesis potential to cure disease and increases confidence in life. Many diseases can be cured with the help of these Biopharmaceutical medicines. But it takes lot of time for developing potential medicines and also it costs more for production. The Biopharmaceutical Plants may be able to reduce production cost slowly and increases safety.

So with this we conclude that the usage of biotechnology is growing in Biopharmaceutical Industries and they are able to produce efficient medicines using basic elements of living organisms and many medicines are very useful for many terminal diseases also, many people are getting cured by these medicines and they are also developing hope for their life. So by these we can say the Pharmaceutical engineering has a very potential department called Biopharmaceutical department.

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