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Biotech Development

In today's times, science has developed far beyond the imagination. There was a time, when people were scared of the word cancer, but now the scenario has changed, as with the help of advanced technology, a dreaded disease such as cancer is easily detectable in its earlier stage and treatment may help cure this health hazard.

However, the development in the field of science that is actually changing the face of every essential commodity of man is a new field of science named as Biotechnology. Biotechnology is a field of science, which helps in producing useful products by either deliberate or controlled manipulation of the biological systems. The biological systems used may either be living cells or cell elements.


Detection of Toxicity in Human Body:

Biotech Development

The developments in the field of biotechnology are taking place at a tremendously rapid rate. One such development in the field of biotechnology relates to the immune system of humans. With the help of biotechnological techniques, researchers have found a particular level of Cytotoxicity (the degree of toxicity) in the human body.

Cytotoxicity is the quality of any substance, which tends to be poisonous for the cells of the body. For instance, immune cells of the body, acids are cytotoxic substances. Researchers, when detecting toxicity in laboratory conditions selected volunteers, who had passed all the body developmental process.

Cytotoxicity assay is a cost-efficient and a rapid means to detect the level of toxicity. The name of the Cytotoxicity examination is Ricerca's in vitro assay. This is a very sensitive assessment, as it helps in detecting individuals, who are able to tolerate the toxicity by a particular drug and individuals, who are likely to fail the test. Researchers designed this assay to detect the level of toxicity caused by drugs containing lead compounds.

To detect the toxic levels caused by lead, researchers dissolved lead compounds in DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) and carried serial dilutions with a concentrated range of 0.5-1000 mm. These along with plated human cells go for incubation at 37 0C for four hours. Researchers measure the toxicity using absorbance or change in fluorescence.

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