Monday, January 10, 2011

Biopharmaceutical Plants Using Genetically Modified Plants

Biopharmaceutical Plants are gaining it success in the medical field by using organic and natural elements in producing efficient medicines. Modern biotechnology has resulted in a comeback in the production of new therapeutic agents using botanical sources. Using this technology the industries has developed many useful medicines nearly 500 biotechnology products approved around the world. Genetically modified plants can be used to produce active proteins including blood products, mammalian antibodies, substitutes, hormones, vaccines, cytokines, and a variety of other therapeutic agents. To produce efficient therapeutic proteins proper selection of host plant and gene expression system and decision to use food crop or non-food crop is more appropriate. Proper safety rules must be followed by the pharmaceutical workers while manufacturing the medicines. The plants cells which are used in the producing organic and safety medicines may gain importance and produce variety of new Biopharmaceutical products.

The usage of the plants medication was in practice from many thousands years ago. But genetically modified plants used in Biopharmaceutical Plants are very modern. Molecular farming is the production of recombinant proteins in plants. Molecular farming has the potential to provide diagnostic and therapeutic tools in the life science. It is intended to increase the power of agriculture to cultivate and harvest transgenic plants producing recombinant therapeutics.


Genetically modified plants have set a path to Biopharmaceutical Plants, these genetically modified plants are considered to be renewable basics, and they are also successfully meeting requirements of market. Medicines produces by these plants are low-cost and are affordable by all sections of peoples. Cell structures of plants which are similar to human beings can provide additional benefits. Plant derived biopharmaceuticals are cheap to produce and store, easy to scale up for mass production and safer than those derived from animals. The genetically modified plants have more potential in producing useful therapeutic proteins.

Biopharmaceutical Plants Using Genetically Modified Plants
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