Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tsunami : Is The Tsunami The Tip Of More Natural Disasters On The Way?

During the past few days, news is coming in about the tsunami that hit southeast Asian nations and the devastation it has caused.

The world is now enveloped in a deep sadness and there is a widespread out pouring of sympathy for the victims of this catastrophe.

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There is a rumor circulating in certain circles that many world renowned astronomers and intelligence agencies of the world have reasons to believe that the next 10 years are going to be chock full of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other calamities.

Tsunami : Is The Tsunami The Tip Of More Natural Disasters On The Way?

According to some rumored secret, scientific reports (presently being kept away from the public for obvious reasons), these disasters will be precipitated by the entry of an unknown "planetary body" from outer space.

This "planet" has been called various names "X-planet", "Vulcan", "12th planet" and others.

It is believed that the entry of this "planet" into our solar system will disturb the orbit of our planet and thereby trigger the above mentioned natural disasters.

It is also believed that all these have happened before in the past history of our planet and that it is probably the major cause of the decimation of previous civilization.

Nobody, including astronomers, can vouch for sure if these natural disasters will occur or not. It may merely be scientific speculation. Hopefully, they will not occur and the world will be saved from more extreme natural calamities and suffering. "Armageddon be gone!"

But if they occur, obviously, all the world economies will be hit hard and may collapse. Infrastructures in the major cities will collapse; internet, telephone and TV communications will be disrupted, as well as air and land transportation.

Many coastal cities, properties and their people will be swept away into the ocean. About a billion humans could perish and trillions of dollars worth of stock assets will disappear.

So far, the Indian ocean tsunami has left 5 million victims homeless, 500,000 seriously injured and about 150,000 dead.

The US government and President Bush are to be commended for sending more millions of dollars (so far about 0 million dollars) in aid and for spear-heading the relief effort.

Secretary of state, Mr. Colin L. Powell, and President Bush's brother, Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, have left yesterday for Asia.

Secretary General of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan is scheduled to depart today to tour the hardest-hit regions and to attend the conference of Southeast Asian nations taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Many countries of the world, charitable organizations and even individual US citizens have been reported to be currently working hard to raise funds and aid.

About 40 countries of the world have pledged billion dollars in aid and more may be pouring in from more countries.

I have also read that Aol members have raised about million dollars contribution in aid.

Sandra Bullock has donated million dollars, and perhaps other actors, actresses, millionaires and billionaires will follow in her footsteps.

Big hearted Americans are flooding the charitable organizations with donations. The total amount from private and individual Americans is now about 0 million!

So far, Red Cross has received million, American Jewish World Services about millions, and Oxfam million.

American TV networks are also planning special fund drives to contribute to the relief efforts.

Let us hope that these cash and aids will reach the intended victims in Southeast Asian nations and help to ease their unfortunate plights.

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Thank you.

I-key Benney

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