Monday, December 13, 2010

The Reach Of Medical Biotechnology

I am sure that in this day and age you have heard the term biotechnology many times in your life. It is a relatively new concept that is rapidly evolving into a science. Defining biotechnology itself is a difficult task however it involves living creatures and their functions. Biotechnology is the art of manipulating living organisms to gain knowledge, invent medicines and create new species and hybrids. Medical biotechnology is a constantly growing field and we are always finding new uses and disease to cure with biotech. As it seems, biotech is a very controversial field of science and it is heavily debated all throughout the world.

The most famous use for this new field is through producing medicine. The path from plant to pill is amazing and there are so many things that go into this production. The first thing is to identify that a plant actually has a healing quality. Most of these have been circulating with us for generations but recently scientists have been experimenting on different plants. When the plant is identified, you have to crush it and test different bacteria against it. If it is successful in killing the bacteria then you know you need to isolate the compound. This process takes a long time since biotech companies have to try these products and make sure they are completely safe.


The next use for medical biotechnology is genetic testing. Though it seems relatively useless, genetic testing is an extremely useful scientific process. Genetic testing involves gel electrophoresis which is a fancy way of testing the different strands of DNA in peoples cells. Different strands travel different lengths and so when you run it through a gel with electricity you can compare the DNA to see if it matches. It is actually an amazing process and it can help you determine the father of children and also the criminal in many cases. We can also learn a lot of things from this type of testing and it will help us understand how we work.

The Reach Of Medical Biotechnology

Gene therapy is another amazing aspect of medical biotechnology. Gene therapy is very complicated but when simplified it is understandable that it is so amazing. Through medical biotechnology we have discovered that bacteria spread virus via injecting their genes into other animals cells. Scientists are now trying to manipulate the DNA of bacteria so that they have the cure to different diseases. This way we can inject bacteria into peoples system it does not harm them but actually help them. Although we are still far away we are making amazing progress and being able to reach this goal will change science forever.

The most known and debated form of medical biotechnology is cloning. Now, we can actually take DNA from animals and grow it into another duplicate organism. Cloning would mean that you could have an exact replica of something, down to every atom in the body. It really is amazing but also scary. This is why it is so debated. Are we really supposed to go this far into science?

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