Thursday, December 9, 2010

Iran is Funding Cloning

Is it true that Iran is working on the cloning of humans, yet at the same time attempting to have us believe that they are following the true doctrines of Islam? Is this indeed rather hypocritical. Is this rumor true is Iran really working on Human Cloning?

We know they are very high tech and working on high-speed underwater torpedoes, which can travel underwater at 400-mph and they claim to have buzzed the USS Ronald Reagan with a Stealthy UAV. They also have shot off and tested a new stealth missile. Additionally they are as we know enriching Uranium from Chinese Stock and perhaps have considered building an atomic bomb or nuclear warhead to put on top of the ICBM 39-foot missiles that they have bought from China.

Biotech Rumor

You see at first I did not believe the secret intelligence rumor about the cloning of humans in Iran. But when you consider the interesting in their buying of Russian Anti-Aircraft war toys, Chinese missiles and developing high tech weapons of war the rumor actually sound just about right, as such an attempt at advancement would in fact be right up their alley.

Iran is Funding Cloning

And since they know that they need more International Terrorists, rather than recruiting them, why not simply grow them through human cloning. Is Iran funding human cloning, Hitler had an interest in that remember? Lots of similarities there it appears. Consider all this in 2006.

Iran is Funding CloningInside North Korea Tube. Duration : 46.03 Mins.

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