Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is Biotechnology A Step Forward To Solving Problems?

Fiddling around with nature in the name of progress is slowly seeping into the mainstream. Not to be a wet blanket of any sort, it is essential to understand the line drawn between nature and experimentation. Where that line lies is also constantly being shifted like moving goal posts.

First and foremost, the drive to study and apply biological concepts and sciences to existing organisms for the purpose of improvement is to be lauded. Without experimentation in biotechnology, certain sorts of medications would not have been discovered to provide cures for previously terminal diseases. Thanks to Alexander Fleming's accidental discovery, whoever knew that a petri dish of mold held such great potential to ward off a host of bacterial infections?


As part of the course curriculum, students are constantly confronted with mental and physical challenges on how to incorporate biology with technology in the hopes of finding the next mind-blowing discovery. Amidst course work in attending lectures and tutorials via online channels, participants will need to make arrangements of some sort in order to gain access to laboratory facilities. Unless their master's dissertation leans towards the theoretical slant, some are bound to require physical facilities as part of their fact finding journey. In a bid to generate more interest, some institutions offer this course with financial aid. By affiliating themselves with known figures in the relevant industries, students also receive exposure of real-life situations to complement their laboratory experiences.

Is Biotechnology A Step Forward To Solving Problems?

As with any experimentation related to biotechnology, things are bound to get a little hot and heavy. Ethical questions arise in the form of safety in the production of genetically modified foods to curb famine, medical progress in stem cell treatment despite skeptical audiences, two-headed sheep and a host of other factors. By pursuing proper academic exposure, students become empowered to tell fact from fiction, friend from foe. This then assures a generation of responsible subject matter experts who pursue this field of biology with technology for the right reasons.

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