Saturday, December 25, 2010

Biotechnological Plants Welcoming All Latest Technologies

Biotechnological plants have changed the face of Pharmaceutical Engineering. It has given answers to environmental threats and deadly diseases. Latest reports say that Biotechnology can defeat economic crisis. It welcomes all the latest technologies and easily adopts them.

Biotechnological plants have manufactured medicines which are far more efficient then the existing ones. Various anticipations are being made about biotechnology. It is roughly predicted that by 2015, biotechnology will produce all new medicines and half of the world's chief crops. Not only this, it will also produce daily needs based products like fuels, plastics, food additives, detergents etc. Crop yield has increased many folds using this technology, also the major requirements like water, fertilizers and pesticides are also decreased.


Biotechnology has made a place in medical world which no one can take. But it is also true that there are numbers of hurdles in its way to success. Biotechnological plants have to face a lot of challenges which includes both natural and technological issues. Huge pre-investment, inadequate resources, different rules and regulations, social reception and market structures are some obstacles which are standing on the way of its development.

Biotechnological Plants Welcoming All Latest Technologies

According to the report, total 75% of financial contribution of R&D expenditure and business-biotechnology is associated to industries and agriculture but the truth is that only 6% is given to these two units. 85% of the total expenditure goes to health sector with a return of 25%. This report makes other sectors excluding health and medicine sectors disinterested in this field. The only solution to maximize the interests of other sectors is to encourage them with vigorous participation of private and public units.

Global economic crisis could not even touch Pharmaceutical engineering because it is using the concepts of biotechnology. It welcomes all the new tools and techniques. It has provided several substitutes for the non renewable sources of energy by using genetic engineering. Huge pre-investments has saved it from the dangerous clutch of economic crisis.

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