Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wanted - Lazy People Who Want Free Grant Money From The Government!

Small business grants are often a hot topic among entrepreneurs with limited funds and access to capital.

Even though rumor has it that grant money is being given away for free every year by the government and other organizations, the truth is that most of these grants come with a variety of requirements and restrictions. Small Business Grants for New Entrepreneurs Government programs and private organizations don't just give away small business grants to anyone who wants to start their own business.

If you're a citizen of the United States, and want to go into business for yourself, you might need extra money to help you fund your new venture. Small business grants are the ideal way to fulfill your dreams of becoming a business owner.

Small business grants for women and minority persons are like a loan that you never have to repay. Small business grant money is made available by the federal government because it recognizes just how important small business is to the economy. In fact, the small business grant you need to start or expand your business may be available right in your own home state.

Locate a government small business grant, apply and before you know it you have the money to grow your cash-strapped business.

The process of finding a small business grant program and reviewing the requirements is time consuming. Do you have the time and resources to search for a small business grant program and apply?

If you do find a small business grant program available for your business, be ready to go through a lengthy, approval process.

The task of locating and applying for a small business grant is not for the faint at heart. Once you find a small business grant that has requirements you feel you can meet, you need to be prepared to go through a long process of applying for the grant and waiting to see if you've been approved.

Also remember that the federal government, through the SBA, does offer a fine array of very attractive loans to start or expand a small business.

If you want to take a look at the small business grants available, the best place to start is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

The federal and provincial governments give grants and loans to individuals wanting to start a business and to existing businesses wanting to expand. If you know the name of a particular government agency associated with your industry, you may find it useful to Search by Federal Partner or Agency.

Anyone thinking of about going into business for themselves, or wanting to expand an existing business should rush for the world's largest "one-stop-money-shop" where free money to start or expand a business is being held for you by the Federal Government.

Check out what the world's single largest provider of free business assistance provides each and every year. Over $30 billion dollars in free government grants for small business, 80 sources of federal government giveaways for entrepreneurs, over 3000 sources of state government giveaways and help for entrepreneurs with millions available in start up capital.

We hope whatever you find in this article is helpful, but be cautioned that it may not apply to your own situation, or be totally current at any given time.

Isn't it time you got your share of that small business grant money to help your business get that jump into the future without the heavy debt that puts so many small businesses under.

Rather than simply reading about how others get free money, why don't you get your own Free Grant Applications. Take this first've waited long enough!

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