Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 Tips on How to Generate More Contractor Leads - Do You Want to Keep Your Company From Going Under?

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1 - Word Of Mouth - This is definitely the way I generate most of my business. Always remember that your quality of work reflects you and will go long way in ensuring you have a successful future. I find that a happy customer will gladly recommend you to their family and friends (sometimes they are even excited to) and those recommendations will only lead to more and more business. Just remember that an unhappy customer will absolutely let their family and friends know about you, and you don't want that!

2 - Advertise - Now this doesn't have to mean billboards or full page ads in the yellow pages which if you have ever looked into can be quite costly. There are usually great small scale local adverts to put your name in they are budget friendly and in my experience I believe people find them more trustworthy than bigger publications.

3 - Ask What the Customer Needs - There have been many times I have done a job for someone lets say some carpentry and just during conversation they will learn of another one of my skills I can't tell you how often I've heard the phrase "Wow you do that too" and it has easily led me to another job and therefore more money.

4 - The Business Card - This may be one of the most important tools for generating more jobs although technically it is a form of advertising I think it deserves it's own spot. I always made sure I had a stack of business cards with me either tucked into my wallet, toolbox or glove box. You never know when or where you will run into a prospective client and being able to readily hand them your card I believe shows a level of professionalism they appreciate. Make sure your cards have all of your contact info i.e. phone number, website (if you have one) and email address (I get a lot of correspondence through email) and make sure cards clearly define what services you offer. It also may help if you add a company slogan something your customer can remember and identify you with like "No Job Too Small" or "Let Us Get It Done" or whatever you want.

5 - Do Some Legwork - I can assure you no one is going to knock on your door and offer you a job get out there and pound some pavement. Sometimes on a nice day I will just take a walk knock on some doors and introduce myself to people (just don't be too intrusive nobody wants to listen to a ten minute sales pitch while they are eating lunch). Just be friendly and to the point I often did this after I finished or during a job I would visit a few neighbors and let them know who I was and what I do. Chances are they will ask there neighbor about my work (that's where number 1 comes in). Or I have a yard sale addiction and people are always looking to make conversation at a yard sale nothing better than getting some great used stuff and a lead on some work (in my opinion).

5 - A Thank You For A Referral - If a previous customer of mine gave out a referral for me I would make sure to say thank you. Depending on the size of the referred job this could be a simple thank you card a gift basket or a discount on future services (some of my customers had repeat maintenance type business) people will appreciate the thanks and I believe be more apt to give you a referral in the future.

6 - Take Advantage Of Your Resources - Some programs found on the internet can be well worth their value. Sometimes a little investment can go a long way. Remember the more new leads you can generate the more word of mouth business you will get and that equals more jobs in the future.

7 - Estimate Your Time And Value Correctly - Although not really a way to generate leads nothing is worse than realizing you have underbid a job and customers don't appreciate if you say estimate a week and it turns into a month. I can admit these things have happened to me and I can tell you I did not feel good about working for less money than I deserved (although I stuck to my price) and the job that ran too long well they may have been satisfied with the quality of work they received but it did not lead to any other jobs for me.

Don't give up on your dream of being your own boss. You can keep your company going. There are programs available to help you get the job leads that you are looking for. If you want a 100% guaranteed way to get more contractor leads than check out My Blog!

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