Sunday, June 27, 2010

Biotechnological Plants Possess Unlimited Potential For Drug Production

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Biotechnology has left remarkable foot prints in its different fields of application such as agriculture, food addictive industries, etc. But its active involvement in the spheres of medical science has led dramatic changes in the pharmaceutical world. It has made possible to deal with inadvertent situations raised due to the lack of medical incentives and enabled healthcare facilities to provide assistance to patients suffering from health disorders.

Biotechnological plants involve biological process of synthesis and, drugs are extracted from animal and plant species. They are believed to be safe with respect to side-effects of usage of their medications. They employ emerging technologies like genetic engineering, genomics, plant and animal cell-tissue culture, etc. and various sophisticated tools in their manufacturing processes.

These plants address and combine knowledge from several branches of medical science including cell biology, genetics, microbiology, embryology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The acquired comprehensive knowledge and concepts on these fields are utilized in the drug development process. The techniques such as artificial selection, breeding and hybridization are employed to produce quality plants and animals, which can facilitate the improved qualities of pharmaceutical productions.

The active biotechnologically developed pharmaceuticals and drug products occupy a big volume of pharmaceutical market. As they use natural resources and involve easy methods to prepare drugs, the medicines are cost-effective and affordable to poor people. Their significant contributions to the drug discovery has made possible for mankind to save lives from deadly diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, arthritis, hepatitis and cardiovascular disorders.

Biotechnological plants are potent for unlimited drug production. With the advent of new technologies in pathogenesis, these plants are constantly achieving success to solve health disorders and increase the life expectancy of mankind. Though, these require long time to develop medications and huge initial investments, but they facilitate incentives with which all diseases and defects may be treated out successfully.

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