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Chlorine Negative Effects Contained in Tap Water

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You should be aware when you use tap water for showering. Why? The answer lies with the amount of chlorine (Cl) presents in such water.

The major problem is that chlorine is a toxic element to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Chlorine vaporizes quickly in the air causes skin to dry, so many people, usually wealthy people, use chlorine water filter to maintain their skin condition especially when they're swimming and showering.

Now, studies have shown some negative effects that chlorine could cause. First, if you have an asthma, then chlorine is a bad news for you as it vapors easily in the air and the vaporized element triggers your asthma. In the US, the water is contained with chlorine that exceeds the limit that considered to be safe.

If you are pregnant, then chlorine tap water could defect your baby as chlorination forms a cancer-causing byproduct called THMs. Although there are researchers still arguing about this subject, you should take more cautious step for your own and baby's health. I prefer to take the safest way, of course.

Now then, you may be thinking to drink such water is more dangerous than to make skin contact with it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that assumption is wrong in some aspects. Researchers believe that the carcinogenic THMs is accumulated in your body through your skin. That part alone is pretty dangerous as human skin is not easily penetrated by soluble element, but chlorine CAN.

Originally, chlorine is used as bactericidal element which kills bacteria, but studies have shown that chlorine actually triggers bacteria in your skin to release their byproducts which usually harmful to us. Not only that, chlorine reaction with antibacterial soap also triggers bacteria to produce their byproducts even more. It is a fact that the byproducts are often the most dangerous part of pathogenic bacteria. So, if you really concern about your health, even if you are a healthy guy, you should really do something about this.

Now, not all shower water filters on the market remove THMs. Most of them reduce only chlorine, since that was the initial reason that people wanted them.

Only two products on the market effectively reduce chlorine, THMs and other chemical contaminants, as well as the heavy metal lead and the stain causing copper. One costs only $67. The other costs over $200.

It is made by the Wellness Company and the claims that the company makes are exaggerated. There is simply no reason to spend that kind of money.

Hopefully, that covers the question of how dangerous is tap water for showering. It's not a problem, as long as you have effective shower water filters in your home.

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