Friday, June 18, 2010

Bring in Crowds of Shoppers to Build Dollar Store Sales

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Have you ever wondered how some businesses just seem to have some strategy that works like a magnet to attract more and more shoppers to their business all the time? They just seem to have the right touch when it comes to business growth. If you are starting a dollar store this is one of the important traits to build into your business. The bigger the crowd you can consistently attract into your store the higher the sales. It is more than simply having more people inside your store.

There is just something that happens as shoppers watch each other crowd around a display filled with new and different merchandise. As the frenzy grows shoppers are all afraid they are going to miss out on something they simply must own. And that frenzy carries over as shoppers continue to weave their way through your store. Everyone seems to buy just a little more than they planned as they want to make sure they all have the best deals you are offering. If you are starting a dollar store your goal must be to create that type of environment. After all the more merchandise that shoppers select the higher the total dollar store sale levels for your business.

The secret to making this situation occur time and again in your store is to first bring mobs of traffic into your store. Then they must find exciting different merchandise just waiting. It is that combination that will generate dollar store sales and profits for your business. You can take the action to make this happen or you can wait on the sidelines and hope something good happens for your store.

Control your destiny by creating a comprehensive business and marketing plan when starting a dollar store. Make sure your plan is filled with actions you will take to generate bus loads of traffic. Include actions that don't require huge amounts of money to implement. Simple actions such as A-Frame signs or permanent signs at all parking lot entrances, banners and flags along the front of your store, rolling display baskets filled with brightly colored merchandise just outside the front door, employees standing on the busiest street corners close to your store with signs and banners pointing the way to you store, are a good place to start.

Be sure to budget money for advertising and promotion of your store on an ongoing basis. Always focus on creating a warm and inviting shopping environment. Make sure your front windows are filled with huge displays of merchandise. Do everything in your power to bring traffic inside your store and then to please that traffic with just the items they wish to purchase.

To your success when starting a dollar store!

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