Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Biotech Jobs Are On the Rise

Different Types of Biotech Jobs

Biotechnology is a field of biology that uses engineering, technology, living microorganisms and medicine to make products. With a growing need for medical professionals in the field, the industry and career options have grown quickly. If you are looking for biotech jobs, there are many different positions requiring different levels and knowledge. While the field requires continuing education and passion for science, there are many different categories in the field including: research and development, quality control, and clinical research. Each different category involves a number of different professionals to build a cohesive and effective unit.


In research and development, there are positions starting from the bottom and working their way up. A glass washer, responsible for maintaining laboratories and cleaning beakers, is the lowest position available to entry-level candidates. From this position, with the right education, employees can work their way up to a laboratory assistant, research associate, plant breeder, or greenhouse assistant. Most entry-level positions will require a bachelors of science degree or equivalent.

Why Biotech Jobs Are On the Rise

Quality Control positions are responsible for maintaining and developing quality standards for raw materials in manufactured products and those in the process of production. With testing and evaluation procedures, this department plays an important role in the biotechnology company. Positions will vary from a Quality Control Analyst to an Environment Health and Safety Specialist. While each has a common goal of keeping products safe and manufacturing practices effective, they will all have different responsibilities.

Clinical Research is the last scope of biotech jobs. Responsible for the research of finished products and analyzing data, this department is full of a number of different employees including: clinical research administrator, clinical coordinator, clinical programmer, animal handler, animal technician, and technical writer.

The need for biotech professionals is growing as the need for products emerges. With the boom of pharmaceuticals and pharmacy, it is no surprise biotechnology is also growing. If you are looking for a promising career, study the schooling requirements of various positions you are interested in and change your life. With high paying salaries and job stability, this is an extremely popular field to get involved in.

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