Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Important Information on Biotechnology and Its Uses

Biotechnology is the branch of science that works with living organisms and the researches their functions. It has advance a great deal in the past few years and now is practically ubiquitous in our day to day lives. Biotechnology has been incorporated in the manufacture of many different products and has had resounding success in the field of medicine. The knowledge gained from the research carried on in the field of biotechnology has helped in the medicinal values of materials that before this were never imagined and made available different and new means to deal with challenges that have wrought the path of humans. This field has been growing rapidly and has made numerous advancements and breakthroughs over the last few years. It is still a highly controversial field and the reviews it has received have been mixed owing to the fact that it can be used to manipulate science.

Despite its breakthroughs this field is still in its infancy and as such is quite far away from making big profits. Few companies though have gained hugely from this science but the number of these is very limited. Since this field is mainly about research it requires large funding. These funds can be a drain on the company if the field is not really producing monetary results. Biotech companies essentially blend science and engineering to produce results. Their main aim is the welfare of the society and to that end focus on the production of medicines, food items and recycling. These companies can be divided into three main sectors namely - medicinal, agricultural and industrial. But the main developments have been in the medicinal field. They have been focusing on discovering cures for dangerous and incurable diseases.


Medical Biotechnology is mainly used in the production of drugs. Many of these companies have made breakthroughs and created cures for many different diseases. This technology has been mainly used in this field to deal with the medicinal value of plants. Plants have great healing powers if used in the right quantities or combinations. These studies are carried out by researching different plants and identifying each one's medicinal properties. Then these properties are tested against different strains of bacteria to figure out is they are effective against them and to what extent. This is a time consuming process and the research just cannot be rushed. The safety of the consumers is at the very top of their priorities and as such they have to make very sure of each study.

Some Important Information on Biotechnology and Its Uses

Another important use of biotechnology is the field of Genetic Testing. This process requires a lot of precision and dedication. A process known as Gel Electrophoresis is used in the testing of DNA strands. This research can help in a myriad of way like criminal forensics, paternity testing, etc. The research pertaining to the genes responsible for breast cancer have been recently found with the use of this technology and companies are in the process of trying to isolate them reducing the risk of cancer in women.

Man's reliance on science is unending and even with all the ethical issues that are being projected on Biotechnology, it is a field that is going to be of great importance in our lives.

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Biotechnology is a practice as simple, and as ancient, as brewing beer or making cheese. In a practical sense, biotechnology is nothing more than humans putting to use the natural activity of microorganisms. But in the last twenty years, biotechnology

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