Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Truth About Federal Government Grants

There's lots of confusion surrounding Federal Government Grants simply because there are so many different types of funding available to the public. You can find everything from educational grants, government grants for new businesses, grants for women and grants for men to privately funded grants and just plain weird grants. There are really so many choices that it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Before we get any farther along...

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by definition: a grant is a financial gift that includes specific obligations of the grantee and certain expectations on the part of the grantor.

The Truth About Federal Government Grants

So to help you avoid the confusion in your search for grant money, try to remember these simple truths...

The Rumor: "only large businesses and corporations get grants"

Most people believe that government grants are reserved only for big businesses and companies. People tend to think that you will need a team of lawyers to deal with the stacks of legal paperwork...but the reality is that this is just not true.

The Truth: "every legal citizen is entitled to receive grants"

The law permits every legal citizen to apply for and receive government grant money. In addition, federal grants do not require a background check or a credit check to apply. This is good news for people with bad credit or bankruptcy problems.

The Rumor: "the federal government is giving away money"

If you have ever investigated federal grants then you have probably seen the ads and articles stating that "the Government is giving away free money". There is a great deal of controversy around these claims.

The Truth: "government grants are free with certain requirements"

While the Government is definitely giving away billions of dollars in funding, there are specific requirements that come along with the acceptance of government money. Be sure to research the specific obligations of each grant before applying.

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The Main Truth is that you're probably already pre-qualified to receive an assortment of different grants right now!

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The Truth About Scholarships is very similar to grants. There is plenty of government funding available for your education!

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