Friday, May 6, 2011

Biotechnological Plants Is an Emerging Technology

Biotechnology is one of the rising technologies. Many pharmaceutical industries are using this technology in producing the effective medicines. The basic ingredients used to produce effective medicines are all natural elements. This Biotechnological Plants uses animal and plant cells as a basic substances and produces the most effective and low cost medicines to cure the most dangerous and deadly diseases. The emerging technology is also used in other areas like agriculture, biology and food science. It basically takes the principles of science like molecular biology, embryology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology. The concepts are used for the alteration and development of natural organisms to serve the mankind effectively.

Biotechnological Plants mainly manufactures medicines which are more efficient and cost effective medicines that can be affordable by common man. The methods used to produce the efficient medicines are very simple and easy. Using the biotechnology the plants produced many therapeutic proteins and many effective medicines to cure dangerous diseases like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Cancer, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Hemophilia and Cardiovascular disorders.


Biotechnological Plants has grown tremendous success in the medical field by producing the useful medicines and proved its excellence in this field. The contribution towards others areas like agriculture and food products is significant. By modifying Genetically Engineered plants it has shown the tremendous increase in the crop, numerous efforts have been made to produce such crops that can bear the abiotic and biotic stress and contain more therapeutic proteins and other nutritious components. The ripening span of fruits has been increased and also the decay process of fruits has been decreased. Hence, we can say that biotechnology is a growing technology that has given new heights to medical world. The young graduates are showing more interest in this field and they are putting more effort in using the technology and produce the most effective and efficient medicines which can be available to common man.

Biotechnological Plants Is an Emerging Technology
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