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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's June Wedding Updates!

The official date of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's wedding has been released. It will be on June 19 of this year at the Storkyrkan Church in Stockholm! Crown Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée, the heir to the throne of the current Swedish Monarchy was engaged to her long time boyfriend Daniel Westling in early 2009. The rumor regarding the 32 year-old Swedish princess and the 35 year-old gym owner getting married was passed around for several years. Now it is official. The Royal Court declared that the wedding will be set in early 2010.

Princess Victoria, who is known by many as a pleasant woman, enjoys doing many outdoor activities and interacting with nature. She was born on June 14, 1977 and was given the name Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée on her baptism. She is the eldest among the three children of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden. She studied in Yale University, focusing on History and Political Sciences. As the next in line to the throne, the Princess of Sweden has taken different studies regarding the law, politics and all necessary things that a Crowned Princess should learn. She also did many projects and programs which helped hone her skills as the future Queen of Sweden.

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The Swedish Princess's relationship with Daniel Westling had since raised the eyebrows of many in Sweden as well as other royalties. Her fiancée owns a chain of gyms and he used to be her personal fitness instructor but the people, especially the paparazzi keeps on questioning his business and his wealth. Another reason which made the people question the couple's romance is that Crown Princess Victoria is living with Westling. This questioned the couple's morality, as well as their being non-conventional. She defended herself by saying that she decided to live with Daniel Westling under one roof because she believed that he is really the right person for her. In fact, they will soon be in that kind of living arrangement after the wedding.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's June Wedding Updates!

Now that it has been set, nothing and nobody can hinder the union of the lovely couple. Daniel Westling, as the husband-to-be for Swedish princess will be called Duke of Vastergotland as she is the Duchess of Vastergotland. Contrary to the rumors, the King and Queen of Sweden are happy with their daughter's forthcoming union with Westling. King Carl XVI Gustaf said that they like Daniel for being a hardworking and responsible man. This makes them feel secured that the princess of Sweden will live with the right man and Sweden's monarchy will also be led by a responsible king. The king gave his consent to the Royal union last 22nd of February 2009 and was followed by the Prime Minister's consensus on the 24th of February 2009. This made the engagement and the coming wedding official.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden now sports an elegant three carat diamond ring which was believed to be purchased from Stockholm's famous WA Bolin.

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