Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bangalore Jobs and Career Openings in Important Sectors

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Software, electrical, mechanical, biotechnology and government sectors are few of the prominent sectors promising hundreds of jobs in Bangalore.


Once decided to look out for software jobs in Bangalore the first decision one has to make is to choose between service and product sectors. Nature of the work, relative competition level and growth rate etc would be significantly different between these two sectors.

Companies coming under either services or products sector can be further divided based on the nature of the clients and domains they are dealing with. These divisions are Multimedia, Enterprise Resource, Planning, Banking, Health Care, Transportation, Energy Utility and Services etc. For example SAP which is a German based product company deals extensively with ERP kind of products whereas ORACLE deals with database management systems.

Some examples of service companies are Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL etc. Some examples of product companies are SAP, ORACLE, GOOGLE India etc.


Bangalore has several job opportunities in electrical sector as well. There are several government and private companies dealing in this sector. For example, the government of India's electrical company namely BEL (Bharat Electricals Limited) has a very big establishment in Bangalore generating number of jobs.


Two big automobile companies in India namely TATA and Ashok Leyland have their establishments in Bangalore. Bangalore - TamilNadu border (near Hosur) has hundreds of automobile and mechanical companies which are generating plenty of jobs. This makes Bangalore a hub for job seekers from mechanical and automobile engineering.


Recently companies have come up specializing in biotechnology and bio-informatics. With NCBS (National Center for Biotechnology) Bangalore is growing job market in biotechnology sector.


Being a very big city with large population Bangalore has several openings in government sector as well.

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