Thursday, November 25, 2010

Biotechnological Plants and Their Efforts

Biotechnological plants use the concepts of biotechnology. It has developed a number of useful medicines and other pharmaceutical products for the sake of mankind. It implements all the latest tools and techniques that add to its success. Remarkable achievements have been made by these plants in the sphere of bio-medical science.

Biotechnological plants use two major technologies for the production of medicines. These technologies are genetic engineering and genomics. They have enormous power to improve the qualities of the existing medicines. Several projects are at their initial stages that are going to deal with future diseases and to minimize the risks of safety challenges presented by potential resources.


Biotechnology has provided the alternatives for animal resources used in the production of medicines. This technology concentrates more on building of various methods to produce pharmacy plants. Pharmacy plants are those plants that can be used to produce restorative proteins by using the gene-expression methods. These plants can be food crops (soya, maize) or non-food crops (tobacco). This invention has given new dimensions to pharmaceutical engineering. It has enabled pharmaceutical industries and biotechnological plants to develop high-frequency embryogenesis protocol.

Biotechnological Plants and Their Efforts

With the mutual aid of several political and social organizations and policies, efforts have been made to create awareness on biotechnology and its related technologies. Different seminars and workshops are conducted to maximize the level of their identification in the society.Slowly and gradually this new and emerging technology will grab the number one position in the medical world. Hence, we can say that these plants have made significant achievements in the field of medical science and are putting more efforts to solve all the problems faced by mankind.

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