Sunday, November 7, 2010

Biotechnological advances

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The field of biotechnological is vast, and it is often hard to keep track of biotechnological advances. Biotechnology includes various aspects of health care, agriculture, industry, and the environment. The largest area of biotechnological, however, is the health care industry. Biotechnological advances in health care are the most fun to keep track of.

So how do you find information relating to biotechnological advances? Since a lot of medical biotechnological advances, such as cloning, are often controversial, you don?t need to look further than your evening news for such information. You can also search online or look in science magazines. It is such an important field to modern life that information abounds.

Some of the most important biotechnological advances over the past few years have to do with the field genetics. Mapping the human genome was a key step to understanding the human body, for example. There are other biotechnological advances in other fields. An example of this is with agriculture because farmers are starting to grow biotechnological crops.

The question of ethics arises when talking about biotechnological advances. There seem to be two areas of concern amongst some people. The subject of cloning is talked about a lot. Is it ethical to clone life? Is it ethical to clone human life? These are questions that people ponder and will probably need answers to in the next few years. Another ethical concern is stem cell research. Stem cell research has the potential to benefitpeople with Parkinson's disease and other diseases.

Biotechnological advances are often the subject of fascination. It is amazing to think about what scientific advances have enabled us to do. We've mapped the human genome. We can clone. Stem cell research shows a lot of promise. It is fascinating to track the field because it is exciting to anticipate what biotechnological advances will be made next.

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