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2010 Summer Block Buster Movies

Well, it is time again to pack away your warm clothes and get the sweat shirt and shorts out because summer is almost upon us. Long sunny days which are better spent on the sea shore or lazing under some tree enjoying the cool summer breeze are finally arriving and with them a whole new season for Hollywood releases will follow. Hopefully the 2010 summer will have some entertaining offerings for the bored audience. So, without further adieu, let's take a look at what is to come in the summer of 2010:

Video Game Adaptations:

Biotech Rumor

Prince Of Persia - The Sands of Time

2010 Summer Block Buster Movies

Oh no, another video game adaptation! Judging from the trailers and the rumor, it looks that the movie has the largest budget ever for a video game adaptation and it is something that gives it a distinctive look. Jake Gyllenhaal in the title character as Prince Dastan and the lovely Gemma Arterton as his lady love should provide sparks on the screen. Other notables in the cast are Sir Ben Kingsley as Nizam, the main protagonist, and Alfred Molina.

Resident Evil - Afterlife

The fourth installment in the Resident Evil movie series adapted for silver screen from Capcom's best selling zombie apocalypse game of the same name. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, the only person who is infected with the T-Virus and hasn't yet sprouted any tentacles or got a craving for human flesh. Like Prince of Persia, Afterlife is rumored to have the biggest budget allocated for a resident evil movie. The previous three parts made a killing at the box office despite being put down by critics. Let's see if the legions fans of the genre make it another success or not.

Sci-Fi Releases


The movie boasts of a very impressive and talented cast of actors and actresses like Leonardo De Caprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, Allen Page and Micheal Cain. But that doesn't insure that it's going to be a hit with the audience. The first trailer unveiled was puzzling to say the least and doesn't do much good when it comes to creating a stir and advertising for the movie. Let's hope the actual movie is something to write home about.


No Arnold or Danny Glover this time around, instead Adrian Broody the Oscar winner from Pianist stars as the protagonist. If you ask me, Adrian Broody should stick to movies like the Pianist as the public has come to expect macho men like Arnold to helm the movie. Anyways, the plot is that some nine elite killers, black ops, hired assassins etc are kidnapped and set lose on an alien world being hunted by the Predators. Robert Rodriguez is in the director's chair for this one.

Avatar - The Last Air Bender

Based on Nickelodeon's immensely popular animated series Avatar, The last Air Bender follows the adventure of a boy, who is the master of all four elements namely earth, fire, wind and water. M. Night Shyamalan, after producing disasters like the Village and the Happening, returns to take the directors role. The diehard fans of the animated series did put up a vehement protest against making Night Shyamalan the director, as he was picked over the legendary director James Cameron and has only one credible hit to his name. Only time and the release of the movie will tell if the decision pays off or dooms, otherwise, much loved series.

2010 Summer Block Buster MoviesRed vs. Blue Reconstruction 19; Finale Tube. Duration : 9.73 Mins.

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