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Undenatured Whey Protein - What's So Special?

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What is undenatured whey protein? Can I buy it in a health food store? What does it do, and why should I use it?

Let's start first with whey protein in general. This is the protein that has been isolated from whey. Whey is the liquid material that is left behind after the solids have been removed from cow's milk. Manufacturers have processed this protein into mixtures that can be used for building muscle or for muscle building and muscle development. You can find a large array of protein powder to make a breakfast smoothie, or protein drink, at any general nutrition, weight training, or bodybuilding supplements store or supplier. Muscle Milk and Designer Whey are popular examples of this today for a breakfast smoothie, protein shake, or protein drinks.

Whey protein is an excellent source of dietary protein, and is very effective in building muscle for athletic nutrition. It is also a good choice for anyone who would like to reduce their body fat, and build muscle through exercise and/or bodybuilding supplements. But all protein supplements are not created equal. This type of protein is classified as denatured. What does denatured mean? This simply means that this protein has been processed at a high temperature, usually above 160 degrees Fahrenheit or 72 degrees Celsius. This process is also known as pasteurization. The milk you buy in the store has been pasteurized, which means that it has been denatured or cooked at a high temperature to ensure that all microorganisms that may harm you have been destroyed.

So to put it all together, what is undenatured whey protein? It is protein from whey that has not been denatured. It is used to raise glutathione, a beneficial protein in your cells. This means that it must be processed in such a way that harmful organisms are destroyed, but the heat sensitive amino acids that make it bioactive, called branched chain amino acids, are not harmed. It has not been pasteurized, but processed at a lower temperature in order to preserve the amino acids that are destroyed by high heat. Terms that can be used interchangeably for undenatured whey protein are high biological value whey protein and bioactive whey protein. "Bovine milk protein" may be substituted for "Whey protein."

An undenatured bovine milk protein with a high biological value means it contains a high amount of essential amino acids. This kind of protein from raw cow's milk has a very high amount of bonded cysteine in it, along with other essential branched chain amino acids, so is has a high biological value, with one particular brand having a biological value of >110 BV. As more people find out about the value of high biological value whey protein, a manufacturer may suggest on the label of their product that they are providing this. The fact that it is in a tub is your first telling sign that this is not true. Truly bioactive bovine milk protein is quite expensive to make and requires special technology to do so. Bioactivity is reduced when exposed to heat, air or moisture, so if it is in a tub, it is not undenatured whey protein.

Another way that you can tell it is not bioactive is if it is flavored. If it comes in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, then it has been hydrolyzed, which means it has been denatured to make it easier to mix. You can also check the nutritional supplements information on the label as well. This is not bioactive milk protein, and will not help you in raising glutathione. Undenatured whey protein has a very unmistakable quality to it: it is unflavored and very difficult to mix. If you pour some bioactive bovine milk protein powder into a liquid, it will float and resist mixing. This is one way to know you have truly undenatured whey protein. This will help you to build muscle just like regular whey protein. The main reason you want to take it in an undenatured form is if you want to raise glutathione in addition to building muscle. That is the only reason you need to know the difference between the two, and it is an important difference.

Regular whey protein will build muscle!

Undenatured whey protein will build muscle AND raise glutathione!

Bioactive bovine milk protein contains three specific protein that are very high in an amino acids that is missing from our diet today. The protein are: albumin or bovine serum albumin, lactoferrin, and lactalbumin. These protein are very high in the amino acid called bonded cysteine. Bonded cysteine, which is two cysteine molecules linked together, is also called cystine. It is found in raw meat, raw eggs, and raw cow's milk. Once you cook these three foods, the bonded cysteine or cystine is destroyed by heat.

Most of us today do not consume these foods raw, nor do we recommend that you do. Babies who are breast-fed have access to bonded cysteine in their mother's breast milk until they are weaned. The closest food that we have to mother's breast milk as adults is bovine or cow milk in raw form. It is interesting to note, however, that years ago, before pasteurization, when people consumed raw milk from their local or family farm, they had higher glutathione levels in their blood. Now that we don't have access to these foods in safe amounts, we have an even greater need than ever before to find a good source of bonded cysteine so that we can effectively raise glutathione.

The three amino acids that are needed by the body for how to raise glutathione are cysteine, glycine, and glutamate. Glycine and glutamate are plentiful in our diet, but cysteine is not. And since cysteine by itself is destroyed in the gut, it needs to be bonded in the way we find it in undenatured whey protein to do the job successfully. Thus, bonded cysteine is considered the rate limiting factor for raising glutathione in our cells. The journey of a bonded cysteine molecule from the mother's breast or cow's udder to your cells to make glutathione is a fascinating journey. Very simply, bioactive bovine milk protein is the best way for raising glutathione because it is the way that you were created to raise it once you are weaned.

Mother's breast milk works until you are weaned, and then after that, raw cow's milk is the next best source! It is the closest substance in physical composition to mother's breast milk. High biological value whey protein contains bonded cysteine, which your body needs to make glutathione in your cells.

Undenatured Whey Protein - The Best Way To Build Muscle And Raise Glutathione!

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