Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Biotechnology a Good Career Option?

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There are lot of changes in the thinking of students now a days, not like 10 year before just choose the subject of interest there parents suggest or just follow the route of his brother or sister. Now they think what they need, where they fit, which field is stable. There is golden period for computer and information technology but there is always dark side of it ups and down in this filed, maximum impact of recession, in one word unstable filed.

Here I am going discuss about the quit old but always stable, growing field BIOTECHNOLOGY or Life science. I remember a funny statement made by my professor "Until there is diseases in the world we have job" no government or institution deny fund to a cancer institute to stop there research toward a cancer cure but in turn they will stop production or dismiss 1000 worker from a car company during economic crisis like what happened now. Even you agree with this compromise is in it. There are many disciplines in this field ranging from Biological Scientists, Biomedical Engineers, Clinical Laboratory Technologists, Forensic Scientists, Medical Scientists, Pharmacists and more. And there lot opportunities all over the world and every country spend lot of there annual budget for and creating institutes research centers across there country. Next question arise in your mind is how much I get, is it comparable to other fields, Yes off course the pay is almost equal to other top professionals.

All the above you get a unique feeling when you doing science you never feel you doing a job, every day you have different task, different problem to solve it is like playing a treasure hunt game in other word it is like mediation. I don't think you will never feel such satisfied in any other job. I feel very proud when i introduce my self as scientist.So come and join the field of Biotechnology I you decide to choose the Biotechnology then you choose a booming field with less risk factor.

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