Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Success of Biopharmaceutical Plants in the Medical World

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Biopharmaceutical plants use all the concepts of Pharmaceutical engineering. The only difference is that these plants develop the medicines using the ideas of bio-technology. Some of the living organisms' such as plants are a great source that can be used to prepare several medicines that has the potential to fight many lethal diseases. These biopharmaceutical plants deal with such organisms and botanical sources.

The demand for safe, therapeutic pharmaceutical proteins is a rapidly increasing. The world market for biotechnology has undergone swift expansion since its emergence about some two decades ago and it is still trying hard. These plants have earned huge profits from the human insulin, growth hormones and red blood cell stimulating agents. These therapeutic proteins are very effective in curing the diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and some orphan diseases.

About 80 biopharmaceutical plants are currently present in the world market and more than 500 more are under their initial stages of development. Biotechnology has enabled the development of human antibodies that have high level of curing capacity. These recombinant proteins are very efficient and have the capability of curing many deadly diseases like cancer and other cardiovascular disorders.

Biotechnology has blessed this world with a number of effective treatment methods and therapies. Pathogenesis can heal many diseases and also it increases the life expectancy of the patients. Many lethal diseases can be easily cured with the biopharmaceutical products. But the main problem is that development of biopharmaceutical products need a long time. Lot of research works have to be carried out prior to their development. But these products are highly cost- effective and efficient in fighting against deadliest diseases. Hence, we can say that these plants have contributed significantly to the medical world.

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