Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Great Penny Stocks

The most important aspect of the penny stock investing is first doing your homework in a right way. You accomplish that and you are a winner; you neglect your in-depth research, you lose dollars. As large number of investors move into the penny stocks, it has become really important to know the proper procedure of doing the research. Things are actually not helped by the fact that quite unlike the mid-cap or large-cap companies which dominate the financial circles and media; there is too little coverage on the companies in this world. But if you look minutely at some sectors, you may easily locate the winners.

Though you can easily find a lot many penny stocks in every sector, in some of the industry groups you may find more winners. Some of these sectors are;


Biotechnology Penny Stocks-

Some Great Penny Stocks

Biotechnology has today become one of the most happening sectors and you will surely find many winners out there. Many of the biotech companies are usually small and probably in the development phase. Many of them are on their way to create some blockbuster drugs. The most interesting and lucrative part is that stocks of these companies currently trade for pennies.

Renewable Energy Penny Stocks-

In the last few years the price of crude has appreciated a lot and at one stage even touched 0 a barrel! This has led to many calls to find some suitable alternative energy source which is renewable and environment friendly.

This has now led to the renewable energy attaining a preeminent position and has now become a widely followed energy sector. Interested investors can really find very good companies which are being traded in the penny stocks. While I'm not suggesting you to just focus on these two sectors alone, they can represent your starting point in the penny stocks, where the new traders can easily get the better feel about the ebbs and flows of this market.

When we are talking of where you should look for the winning penny stocks, we must also address here as where NOT to seek them. You must never ever follow any of the picks which come to you from those free websites, e-mails or newsletters.

Many of the penny stocks which are presented by the penny services are just paid shills, or some pump and dump artists. They are not at all giving you a sound advice and actually just want to make some fast money on your back, whether it's by selling the shares which you buy or just misleading you about the outlook for a company as they secretly cash the checks which this company sends them.

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