Friday, February 18, 2011

Nanotechnology: The Future Is Here

The advancements in technology have brought us to a stage where our inventions are getting smaller and more efficient. We are using newer technologies that discovered from new developments which eventually help us make even more discoveries. The latest technology that is breaking strides and establishing new bench marks is nano technology.

Nanotechnology, or "nanotech", as it is more popularly known, is the engineering of structures on the atomic or molecular scale. This scale, known as a nanometer, can be understood as being 1/1 millionth of a pinhead, 1/2500 of a red blood cell and half of a carbon nanotube. At this scale, molecules and atoms are manipulated into already existing structures, to create new structures or devices. It is engineering at a smaller scale than anyone ever imagined.


Although the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology is still under development, its applications are expected to be limitless. The most important applications of the science are in the development of new and improved devices for use in the fields of medicine, electronics and energy. These devices will make it possible for us to cure illnesses that were previously not curable and make more efficient use of energy and may even bring an end to the global energy crisis.

Nanotechnology: The Future Is Here

One of the most important applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology is in the field of medicine. This field has been receiving a lot of attention from existing biotechnology companies (or "biotech" companies) and new biotech companies. Biotechnology companies are particularly interested in medicinal applications of nanotechnology, such as developing nanorobots, which will help in detecting infections in the body, to developing cell repair nanotechnology.

Further, nanotechnology medicine can be used to detect cancer among patients, in minute and difficult surgeries, in tracking the effects of drugs in the body, and targeting these drugs to very specific human organs. Nanotechnology medicine also has applications in day-to-day like of people such as developing better sunscreen using zinc oxide or titanium oxide atoms. From sunscreen to cancer this technology has a variety of applications. Once developed it will help save millions of life and make the lives of millions more a little easier.

Such developments of nanotechnology medicine are only made possible by biotechnology companies. Biotech companies aim at making this nanoscience and nanotechnology medicine commercially viable, and new biotech companies are entering the field, thus making it more competitive. More and more companies are entering this field and this has resulted in faster growth of this science. The competition in the market makes companies work harder and put their best foot forward. Once the science has grown it will be more readily available and more accessible for the common man as well due to the number of companies vying for a share of this potentially explosive market.

The next generation in science and technology has arrived. We have reached a point where new developments are taking place faster than we can put comparatively older developments to use. Thanks to nano technology or nano tech we will soon be capable of doing thing that we were previously thought of as impossible.

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Biotechnology is a practice as simple, and as ancient, as brewing beer or making cheese. In a practical sense, biotechnology is nothing more than humans putting to use the natural activity of microorganisms. But in the last twenty years, New Biotech Companies have made major breakthroughs in this field.

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