Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Growing Success of Biotechnology in Biopharmaceutical Plants

Biopharmaceutical Plants are using the theory of biotechnology since two decades. The concepts used in this technology till now it was limited to infective world and animal cells are used for producing efficient drugs. But now everything has changed completely. Biotechnological plants are focusing more on using genetically engineered plants rather using other living organisms for producing effective medicines.

Genetically engineered plants are produced by primer of inheritable factor of congregation organism into the object and then using the genetic factor expression process. The genetic factors that are hosted into the target organisms can be used to develop the essential substance. In the middle of various organisms that are used for the development of Escherichia coli, Biopharmaceuticals are the most important. The first insulin which is used for the human beings was produced by this living organism only and many other different therapeutic proteins are also produced. Almost 60 % of drugs which are manufactured in Biopharmaceutical plants using the concept of Biotechnology use these living organisms. This is one of the efficient ways to produce potential drugs.


In many countries there is rapid growth of PMPs. The plants that are used in the production of effective and reliable drugs are called the PMPs. The plants are also characterized as first, second and third generation plants. These plants are already used in biotechnological plants to develop effective medicines are characterized as first generation plants. The plants which are used very strongly and have filled their early measures are characterized as second generation plants. The plants which are still enduring study process and are still at early stages are characterized as third generation plants.

Growing Success of Biotechnology in Biopharmaceutical Plants

Many countries are using food yields such as maize, soya and non-food yields like tobacco for producing effective medicines. It is very important to take care that the genetically modified plants should not be mixed with other food crops. Twenty per cent of all pharmaceutical products sold are made by using biotechnology. Due to this fact it is clear that Biopharmaceutical plants using this biotechnology established as a very popular technology and it has very successful future.

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