Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Emerging New Economy Careers

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Effect Of New Economy Careers

Some of these emerging careers may require higher skills and educational qualifications and are accompanied by higher compensation packages. An increase in such jobs has also seen a parallel growth in the number of colleges offering courses that are relevant to them. For years, people have found it exceedingly hard to find a career path that strikes a balance between personal passions and lucrative career growth. The discontent this caused has also led to the development of newer and better job opportunities. These new economy jobs aim at offering a good working environment along with substantial pay packages.

Modifications In Job Fields

New jobs in the 21st century will revolve around the information, health care, energy and financial industry. The jobs created will primarily focus on computer science, robotics, biotechnology and fiber optics. With the dawn of the information age, there is an increasing reliance on technology than ever before. The rapid advancement in technology has resulted in the clash of new thinking styles with the traditional and orthodox ones.

Science And Technology

The fastest emerging careers today relate to fields like forensic science, health care, homeland security, case management, life care planning, geriatric care management, genetics, and cyber security. These fields are now gaining popularity and proving to be the fastest emerging new economy careers as compared to several years ago. Until recently, in the United States, the automobile and related industries accounted for a major part of employment opportunities. However, employment avenues in these fields have declined as a result of increased automation.

Medical Prospects

Nursing informatics is an upcoming career that involves skills in nursing, computer science and information technology. New medical imaging techniques have given rise to radiological specialties and improvements in data management have led to geographic information systems.

Other Opportunities

Computer security is another emerging specialty that is gaining popularity. Improved computer graphics have led to a variety of animation specialties. Other emerging job positions include Internet development specialist, multimedia specialist and wireless communications technician. Occupations that may emerge from unforeseen technological breakthroughs include artificial intelligence technician, aqua culturist, automotive fuel cell battery technician, benefits analyst, bionic electron technician, computational linguist, computer microprocessor, cryonics technician, dialysis technologist, electronic mail technician and space mechanic.

Reason For New Economy Careers

Demographic trends like increased immigration, aging, higher educational levels, changes in consumer needs and tastes are creating a need for more skills from employees. The opportunities for people are limitless and if tapped correctly, this trend is sure to bring economic stability and job satisfaction around the world.

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