Thursday, September 2, 2010

Highly Efficient Biotechnological Plants

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Biotechnological plants are highly efficient. They have given a new face to Pharmaceutical engineering by their innovations in the field of medical science. These plants have immense power to perk up the human health and face numerous environmental challenges. According to recently published reports, the future of these plants is very gleaming.

These plants utilize the concepts of biotechnology that is a new and emerging technology. The developed medicines provide better health advantages as compared to the traditional counterparts. According to latest surveys, it is estimated that by the year 2015, all new drugs, 50% of the world's major crops, everyday products including the food products, fuels and detergents etc will be produced using the concepts of biotechnology. The new crop varieties developed by this contemporary technology requires lesser water, fertilizers and pesticides and also have the capability to increase the global food production.

Biotechnological plants are making huge progress in numerous related fields of medical science. These plants have wide range of applications in various sectors. But many obstacles stand in the way of their expansion and commercialization. These barriers include the technological challenges as well as several regulations, inadequate investments, human resources, social approval and the market structures.

As these plants deals with the medical incentives, global economic crisis have negligible affect on them. These plants focus more on the usage of botanical resources for the development of medicines instead of the chemicals. These resources have lesser side effects and the developed medicines are cheaper then those that are prepared using chemical agents. Hence, these plants are highly efficient.

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