Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post Nasal Drip Cures

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Mucous is produced by our body to protect us from diseases caused by dust and particles that comes inside our body. These mucous secretions sits on top of cilia, the tiny hair like membranes that moves to and fro and move the mucous and whatever it is carrying to the back of the throat and eventually down to the stomach where it is disposed by the stomach acids.

When this system is not working properly, proper drainage is inhibited and things get clogged up. If the mucous becomes too thick, it cannot be moved by the cilia and it will block the system and cause congestion and obvious feeling of post nasal drip.

Nasal irrigation is one of the suggested methods of curing post nasal drip. You can use a neti pot or squeeze bottles of a saline solution to clear up thickened mucous from your throat. The appliance Hydro pulse is also considered the best method because it emits saline solution in about the same frequency that cilia oscillate, making them more active since they are being stimulated at their own frequency.

Over the counter medications may also be acquired to help make the mucous thinner and help unclog the nasal system and create better drainage.

Home remedies such as hot tea with lemon also help stimulate the cilia. It is advised that if you have post nasal drip, nasal blockage or sinus infection, you should drink 10 cups of hot tea per day.

Some other tips in curing post nasal drip are - increased fluid intake to 6-8 glasses of water per day, lessen caffeine intake, avoid stress, the use of an isotonic buffered saline nasal wash, and a hypertonic nasal decongestant with antibacterial properties.

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