Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Valine - An Essential Amino Acid

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Valine is one of twenty commonly found amino acids found in nature.  Valine is a hydrophobic, nonpolar protein that is found in the interior of most proteins in muscles. The structure of valine includes three branched chain of methyl groups at one end. there are only tow other branched chain amino acids which are isoleucine and leucine. Valine is very important for muscle metabolism and the repair/growth of tissue. For muscle growth valine promotes protein production. It also helps with the balance of nitrogen in the body. Because of the branched chain it can be used as an energy source in muscles instead of glucose. It goes about this by suppressing protein catabolism and begins the process of gluconeogenesis. The branched chained amino acids can be an important fuel source for skeletal muscles when they are in periods of metabolic stress.

A German scientist by the name of Emil Fischer discovered Valine in the year 1901. She found out that Valine is an essential vitamin that can not be made by the body. Therefore, Valine must be ingested from one of the number of sources including dairy, meat, mushrooms and some peanuts. In the latest studies Valine has been proven to help people who are having muscle, mental, and emotional upsets. Also people with insomnia and nervousness have been given Valine doses. Another way that valine helps is in the synthesis of glucose in the liver during anaerobic activities. Valine is often purchased and used in biochemical, biophysical and crystallographic research.

A deficiency in valine results in a negative hydrogen balance in the body, deterioration of muscle function and mental health. Sometimes a deficiency can lead to maple syrup urine disease. This disease can ultimately cause damage to the brain during times of physical stress and mental retardation. This disease is most dangerous in young children, but has also been found in kids still in their childhood. As a person gets older the intensity of the disease becomes less. A regulated diet can help to accommodate those with this disease.

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