Thursday, October 28, 2010

Biotechnological Plants and Their Significant Efforts

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Biotechnological plants mainly use the concepts of biotechnology. These plants have made significant contributions to the medical world. Numbers of medicines and other pharmaceutical products have been developed by these plants that are highly efficient and cost-effective. It uses all the latest tools and technologies for the production of useful medicines. It uses the concepts of genomics and genetic engineering. These techniques have great potential to improve the quality of existing medicines and develop efficient medicines for future.

Biotechnological plants are focusing more on the use of botanical sources. They are producing many pharmacy plants that contain therapeutic proteins having high healing capabilities. These pharmacy plants are used to produce restorative proteins by using the gene-expression method. These plants may be either food crops like maize or soya or non-food crops like tobacco. With the advent of biotechnology, it has been possible for pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to produce high-frequency embryogenesis protocol.

Biotechnological plants are engaged in numerous transgenic plant projects to produce genetically engineered plants that can provide resistance against several health defects. Improvements to produce better quality medicines are the most important objectives of these projects. Several enhancements are made in the fields of knowledge on the implementation of genetic tools to improve the yielding capacity of pharmacy plants and in turn to increase the productivity scales. Several training programs are conducted regularly to handle technological issues and to achieve the goals set by the pharmaceutical industries. Efforts are consistently made by the biotechnological experts to expand their knowledge on the genetic architecture of various potential resources used for the pharmaceutical production.

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