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Soy-Based Concrete Sealer

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Many do-it-yourselfers are turning to more environmentally friendly ways of remodeling and building their homes. With concrete and other stone surfaces, many people believe the only way to seal them and protect them is to use chemicals, chemicals that are often bad for the people applying them, the people living in the home, and the environment. A soy-based concrete sealer can be a durable and healthy choice for sealing your concrete and stone surfaces in and out of your home.

Other concrete sealants are known for being smelly and toxic to the lungs and the body. Soy-based concrete sealers are made from the renewable resource of soy esters. These natural ingredients are non-irritating, non-toxic, and are safe when being applied. They also do not give off any latent fumes like other materials, which makes them safe for the people living in and around the area that is sealed.

Most soy-based concrete sealers work a little differently than other sealers. Most sealers make a protective barrier on top of the area that is sealed, but this sealer actually penetrates the concrete or stone to help repel water from the inside. This can help to keep your concrete and other stone surfaces safe from water, surface wear, and more.

Applying this kind of sealer is much like other sealers. You simply apply it evenly with a sprayer, paint roller and extension rod, brush, or application pad. An even application will give you up to 24 months of protection from sun, water, stains, and normal wear and tear. This increases the beauty of your concrete and other stone surfaces and can make them more durable. Regular application every other year can keep the protective barrier strong and durable.

The biotechnology that is used in the creation of the soy-based concrete sealer is very advanced and environmentally friendly. It was manufactured to allow enough time for the sealer to penetrate without evaporating for maximum protection. This molecular bond formation that occurs between the sealer and the stone or concrete surface helps to create a stronger and more durable protective barrier. This can give your floors or other stone or concrete surface durability to allow you to live your life.

Soy-based concrete sealers give you an environmentally friendly way to seal your concrete and other stone surfaces without the worry of the toxic smell and effects of other sealers. They work as effectively as chemical sealers and are much healthier for you and for the environment. The clear finish penetrates into the stone to help make it more durable and safe from staining, surface wear, and other damage. Instead of a chemical sealer, be more environmentally responsible and use a soy-based concrete sealer.

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